Training and education



  • The CytoCam system
  • CCTools software use and configuration
  • Video acquisition hands-on

Quality of image acquisition, keeping track of your data and storing it in a logical way becomes more important as guidelines and requirements for publication will become more strict.

During this workshop one will learn how the CytoCam Capturing software can be used. One will practice how to acquire good quality images that can be used for visual assessment or for analysis purposes. The use of the analysis manager in a study enviroment will be sown and discussed.

It will be discussed how to store your data in a logical way so that this data is always easy accessible and ready for external use.

The course will be organized in the Netherlands or at a central place elsewhere upon your request. Braedius will be happy to work out the best practical and cost effective way for the customer.

For more information about the CytoCam Workshop please contact