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CCToolsV2 Overview

Camera Manager

Note: the development of V2 is frozen. Users will be offered an upgrade path to V3.

The Camera Manager provides the following functionality

  • Define a number of standard settings
    • Institution  or Study
    • Department or Study site
    • System ID where video is captured
    • Sernial number of camera
  • Define a measurement
    • Patient or Subject
    • Intervention
  • Automatic Timepoint sequence numbering
  • Automatic Video sequence numbering
  • Start/Stop capturing a video
  • Export videos to the Analysis Manager incl metadata
  • Export videos in standard avi without metadata

Analysis Manager

The Analysis Manager provides the following functionality

  • Importing videos, which have been exported by the Camera Manager
  • Analyse each video
  • Interactive MFI assessment per quadrant and calculation of the average
  • DeBacker score
    • Interactive Velocity determination based on Space Time Diagrams.
    • Total Vessel Density (TVD)
    • Velocity per vessel (Velocity Index)
    • Perfused vessel Density (PVD)
    • Percentage of perfused vessels (PPV)
  • Export the analysis results to a csv file


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