The CytoCam-IDF microcirculation camera is the latest generation handheld video microscope for visualization  of microcirculatory alterations, based on Incident Darkfield technology. The Cytocam-IDF imaging technique may be seen as the technological successor of the Sidestream Darkfield Imaging (SDF) technique, which has been used in more than 300 papers on microcirculatory measurements.

The Braedius CytoCam is a system for the real-time observation of the human microcirculation.  The handheld video microscope platform  supports the medical professional to better understand the microcirculatory condition caused by a disease as well as the effects and effectiveness of an applied therapy. 

Intended use

This product is intended to be used for visualisation of micro-circulation in tissue in:

  • orifices of the human body which may be non-invasively accessed
  • cutaneous surfaces

All other uses are not allowed unless under the following conditions

  • the purpose of the usage as device in a research study approved by an academic institution
  • the device has been scrutinised and approved by the safety authorities of the institution
  • the measurement protocol has been approved by the medical ethical committee of the institution
  • the measurement has been explained to the study subject and his agreement has been obtained


It must be clear that the CytoCam system does not give any advise or direction  how to treat a patient. The physician will remain responsible for choosing a specific therapy and to monitor the progress of the condition of the patient, but it very well can support the physician to take better decisions. As such it is a complementary tool to guide therapy.

Application research

Research is being done on the use of the microcirculaion assessment as a tool with potential applications in several areas, including:

  • Critical Care Medicine
  • Abdominal / Cardiac Surgery
  • Urogynaecology
  • Cardiology
    • ECMO
    • LVAD placement

Optional Analysis software for research purposes

Additional software can be used to analyze the images and determine well known microcirculatory parameters such as:

  • Total Vessel Density (TVD)
  • Perfused Vessel Density (PVD)
  • Flow velocity by use of Space Time Diagrams
  • Microcirculatory Flow Index (MFI)

The analysis software may be used on a separate system for off-line analysis.