Device controllers

There is a wide variety of options. In the past Panel PC’s were a requirement as they provided the option to install an internal PCI-card based camera adapter. Having moved to USB3 based camera adapters the choices have multiplied.

Configurations may be based on a lightweight tablet, a high-end laptop or a 24″panelPC on a trolley.

The hospital solution

This solution is based on a panelPC with 24″ touchscreen. This requires a medical grade trolley (stable enough to carry 12 Kgf). We recommend the use of a separate keyboard and mouse, although this is not really required due to the touch screen.

Camera device controller

  • Based on Medical grade Panel PC
    • Four core processor
    • Fanless system
    • 24 ” touch screen
    • 256 GB SSD or 1 TB HD
    • Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
  • Camera adapter
    • External  based on USB3
    • Internal based on PCI card
    • Dedicated microprocessor for camera control
    • High speed data transfer between camera and controller

The mobile solution

This solution is based on the use of the Camera Adapter Model 2 which is based on a USB3 connection to the Device Controller.

The Device Controller may be any PC with a “state of the art” USB3 port with sufficient  supply of power. The experience shows that this is not always the case. Each type of notebook or tablet should  be tested!

Other requirements are

  • Full HD (16:9) display
  • Recommended screen size 15″
  • Min. i5 Intel processor, i7 recommended
  • 8 GB memory
  • Min. 256 GB SSD

Braedius intends to perform a certification test of the following products

  • Lenovo P51 (15,6 “) (completed)
  • Lenovo P71 (17 “)
  • Lenovo Yoga 730 (15″)