Considerations for our development

The last two years we have been looking back at what has been achieved. The conclusion was that bringing the microcirculation assessment to a next stage and to make it usable in a clinical setting requires a development effort  affecting multiple aspects of the system.

  • The camera hardware
  • The Graphical User Interface of the software (Camera Manager)
  • The functionality of the Analysis Manager.

Technically this will mean a a heavy investment in research and development, but the intention is to keep the impact on the user to a minimum.

Migration will be made as easy as possible by keeping data compatible.

The style of the interface and dialogues will make it easy to move to any new version or release

Finally Braedius will protect the investment users have made in the CytoCam technology  They will be able to migrate to new technology at favorable conditions, depending on the age of their existing hardware and software and the status of their SSA.

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