CytoCamTools V3 Roadmap

Evaluation of V1 and V2.

The development of a reliable automatic analysis tool has proven to be a challenge.
CCTools V1 was a first attempt, which provided a vessel detection algorithm which was based on the Frangi algorithm. It did not do a bad job, but this was to a large degree dependent on the proper setting of a parameter for each video, which did not, of course, fullfill the requirement of “fully automatic”.

V1 could also be improved in terms of stability and usability.

The batch analysis facility was very neat and proved to be a great productivity tool but it was certainly not bullet-proof.

CCTools V2 offered a better stability of the software; there were no more crashes.

V2 also featured a new visual style of the User Interface.

However, the quality of the detection was disappointing. Too many vessels were not detected.

It was decided to freeze the development and to rethink the road map.

CCTools V3

The development of CCTools will be based on a few important principles

  • Avoid the need for retraining.
  • The GUI style will not be changed, unless there is a very good, functional reason for it.
  • The separation of the functionality fo a Clinical setting and for a Research environment will remain as is.
  • A new version of the current Camera Manager will focus on bed-side use and immediate visual assessment of the microcirculation images.
  • The Analysis Manager will focus on supporting the needs of the medical research user.

First release of Analysis Manager V3

The current work is focused on development of a new Analysis Manager with a new detection algorithm combined with a batch analysis facility.
The batch facility (AM V3 R1) is expected for general availability at the of 2018. Selected users will be invited to participate in a Beta program in Q4 2018.

For capturing videos Camera Manager V2 will still be used for some time into 2019.

There are already specific ideas how to improve the detection rate, but this will be work for 2019 as well as a facility for validating detection results.

Prototype of a new Bed-side Application.

This new application will provide the functionality to capture videos and quickly review all videos which have been made as part of the same Measurement (time point). It will be possible to interactively assign scores to each video, representing the condition of the microcirculation.

Selected users will be invited to participate in the Beta program starting at the end of 2018. The new application will replace the current Camera Manager V2. It is planned to be generally available in Q2 2019.